faybawI had done no exercise since leaving school 10 years ago and had spent the last 5 years thinking about losing weight. This year I’d had enough and thankfully discovered Jan and the Billinge Health & Fitness Studio! I decided to get stuck in and signed up for ‘Bootcamp’ to kick start me getting fit……..it worked!!!

—Fay Henthorn

Cage Fitness™ is a complete workout program designed to cater for people at all levels of fitness. It is based on the structure of a championship MMA match and will give you a total body workout in just 5 x 5 minute rounds. This 5 round fitness system focuses on 4 key elements: Endurance, Strength, Power and Core Stability and is broken up into the following categories: Warm Up, Upper Body, Lower Body, Combo Round and Cool Down/Core.

The best part about Cage Fitness™ is that an individual can customise the workout by adjusting the intensity level to best suit their personal fitness goals. Each 5 minute round incorporates both aerobic and anaerobic exercises that help to maximise fat burning whilst also helping to gain muscle. This system of training allows the participant to burn calories even when the session has ended due to the type of exercises and their effect on the metabolic rate.


Over the course of 4/6 weeks our fitness camps include:

  • 8-12 high intensity interval style group exercise sessions and suggestions for additional workouts
  • An easy to follow nutritional plan based on REAL food
  • Full body composition analysis before and after
  • Circumference measurements before and after
  • Fitness tests and re-tests
  • Access to our private Facebook group
  • 24 hour email, text and Facebook support
  • Information, guidance, tips and advice on how to reach your specific goal

An aerobic based class using martial arts type moves to create flowing combinations. Non-contact, it is suitable for all levels. Fight your way to fitness!

A whole body workout combining strength and aerobic type exercises arranged in a circuit format. No co-ordination required!

An all abilities step class with powerful, pulse raising moves. High intensity, high energy output, highly recommended!

Experience this mind and body connection through a series of physical postures, breathing exercises and relaxation. All levels are welcome. Total harmony is the order of the day.

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